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Maintenance practices for maintaining Overband Magnet separators

For the enterprise, the maintenance and maintenance of the Overband Magnet separator are a very important project. Then, what issues should be given attention to in the process of maintaining the Overband Magnet iron remover? Let’s share with you:

1. Before the Overband Magnet iron remover is turned on, the operator must open the observation port cover to check whether there are any large iron pieces that cannot be discharged on the separator inside the iron remover (especially the tap hole). If it is, it must be cleared before it can be activated.

2. Once the mechanical failure of the Overband Magnet iron remover occurs, and the production line is temporarily inconvenient to stop, the power of the machine can be turned off, and the operator can take out the iron from the observation port, and the production line can continue to maintain the work. However, it must be promptly turned over to the professional for maintenance. Non-professionals are not permitted to open the cover without authorization to avoid damage to the machine. An oil-resistant sealant seal must be applied before each cover.

3. It is necessary to remove the dust on the geared motor every shift; add the calcium-based grease to the gearing hole of the geared motor and the chain of the machine side every half year; replace the lubricating oil in the oil groove at the bottom of the chassis every 12 months, if the material When the temperature is higher than 100 °C, the oil change time should be shortened.

4. The inner felt strip of the permanent magnet iron remover and the lower felt ring of the large sprocket is designed to ensure the seal of the chassis and effective breathing. It should not be damaged during maintenance; the felt ring should be replaced in time after long-term wear and tear.

5. powders of small particle diameter high if (1mm) ferromagnetic content. The powder entrained in the discharge of the tapped permanent magnet separator will increase, which is a normal phenomenon. If the amount of the discharged material is large and the user wants to recycle the contained materials, the eternal magnet sorter of the accessory product can be purchased.


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