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Maintenance tips for Belt Magnetic separators

There is a big guy in the many iron separator equipment. That is the Belt Magnetic iron remover. Many people don’t know how to maintain this tall guy. Today, this issue is briefly introduced here for everyone.

1. First of all, check the flap before starting the machine to ascertain whether the iron outlet inside the iron remover is relatively large. It must be cleaned before starting to boot.

2. Generally, if the machine fails during work and the production line cannot be stopped temporarily, then the power of the machine can be turned off, and then the stock iron block can be removed. (Non-professionals cannot open the cover without authorization.)

3, each shift, you need to carefully clean the dust above the geared motor, and add lubricant once every six months to the geared motor.

4, the inner side of the sprocket cover and the lower sprocket under the felt ring are designed to ensure the chassis seal and effective breathing, can not be damaged during maintenance; the felt ring should be replaced in time after long-term wear and tear.


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