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NdFeB should have excellent effects for belt magnetic separators

The belt magnetic separator is a relatively common equipment. The equipment can serve many industries, and the requirements for the working environment are relatively low. The belt magnetic separator is easy to install, easy to use, energy-saving and iron-removing. When the power capacity is limited, the device can be selected.
It is suitable for removing iron from non-magnetic materials on belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and cutting chute. The removal of 0.1 to 35 kg of ferromagnetic material, the internal permanent magnet magnetic system has a long service life. In the case of high requirements for iron removal, the specifications of the iron remover should be appropriately increased or multi-stage iron removal should be adopted. When multi-stage iron removal is used, the iron removal force of the latter stage should be higher than that of the former stage.

The main purpose of the belt magnetic iron remover is its strong magnetic force. It is suitable for the separation and purification of many minerals. It is easy to install and easy to use, so it can be seen in many industries. In fact, the magnetic force of the belt magnetic separator is mainly dependent on the neodymium iron boron magnet.

NdFeB magnets have a very high magnetic energy product, a good force and a high energy density. Under the same magnetic properties, the volume of the neodymium iron boron magnet is smaller, which makes it possible to reduce the size, weight, and thickness of equipment such as instrumentation, electroacoustic motors, and magnetic separation magnetization. The mechanical properties of NdFeB magnets are stronger than those of SmCo and AlNiCo magnets, and they are easier to cut, drill and complex shape.

NdFeB magnets have high coercivity, and there is no demagnetization and magnetic change under natural environment and general magnetic field conditions. Assuming the environment is appropriate, the magnetic properties of the magnet will not be lost even after prolonged use. In particular, the third-generation rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB is the most outstanding permanent magnet in contemporary magnets, with more prominent magnetic properties. Attractive, can be applied to any environment, without affecting the magnetic properties and service life of NdFeB magnets.

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