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Overband Magnet iron separator can be recognized by everyone

Nowadays, there are various types of iron removal equipment, and each type is suitable for different places. Among them, the Overband Magnet iron remover is a device with superior performance. It has strong magnetic force, high heat dissipation efficiency, dust resistance, Water resistance, corrosion resistance, uninterrupted operation, low maintenance costs, etc. In the superconducting state (-269 ° C), there is current without resistance, and the current passes through the superconducting coil to form a very strong magnetic field (50000Gs). Large depth, strong iron absorption capacity, small weight, low energy consumption, energy saving operation and other general iron removers do not have the advantages, so it is highly respected by users, in addition, the following points are also important to its public acceptance:

1. Uninterrupted iron removal: Only one magnetic rod is extracted per automatic control system, which can ensure the continuity of production;
2. Operate according to the setting of the automatic control system to ensure that the foreign objects captured can be continuously cleaned from the system to prevent foreign objects from re-entering the production line;
3. Good wear resistance: special DURA-SLIK technology is used to reduce the rapid wear of the magnet surface, prevent the product from sticking to the magnet, increase the service life of the magnet, and reduce the downtime of maintenance
4. The magnetic rod is designed for dynamic rotation: it can reduce the accumulation and blockage of materials;
5. Strong magnetic force: using ultra-high energy RE80 and RE80HT magnetic rods, the surface strength exceeds 11000 Gauss;
6. Good air tightness: It can prevent the dust and dirt outside the equipment from causing pollution to the production line;
7. Explosion protection: ICEX / ATEX grade is in a controllable dangerous area;
8. Hygiene: The Overband Magnet iron remover uses self-unloading, which is clean and hygienic.

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