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Overband Magnet is as efficient as electricity

One of the more prominent advantages of the Overband Magnet is that it can achieve energy saving and emission reduction. The iron separator has relatively low requirements for the working environment, and it has achieved very good results in most small concentrators, and it is super strong. The price of the magnetic iron remover is relatively low, and it is a device with good cost performance. It is used in the production of Overband Magnet, even if it is not powered, it does not belong to ordinary electromagnet equipment.
The control part of the Overband Magnet can be interlocked with the belt conveyor, which can realize two methods of manual control and centralized control. Since there is no excitation coil, the operation process saves energy and energy. There is no difference between the cold state and the hot state of the magnetic field strength, and the magnetic field is stable. After the power is cut off, the iron pieces sucked on the super word separator will not fall into the conveying material again.
Therefore, the advantages of the Overband Magnet are obvious. Under the same conditions, it is recommended that the Overband Magnet be preferred. The internal structure is relatively simple and convenient to use.

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