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Overband Magnet is more powerful than similar equipment

The Overband Magnet is the representative of the powerful iron removal equipment. For the magnetic force of the electromagnetic iron remover, it is believed that many people have certain misunderstandings. The strong magnetic force of the Overband Magnet mainly depends on the magnetization force of the electromagnetic coil. Rather than relying on the amount of strong magnetic material used. When you choose a Overband Magnet, you should mainly ask the relevant parameters of the electromagnetic coil installed in the manufacturer’s equipment, so that the magnitude of the magnetic force can be determined. The reason why the sOverband Magnet is stronger is the following:

1. The internal part of the Overband Magnet adopts international transformer technology. The transformer is oil circulation cooling, fully enclosed structure design, featuring strong magnetic force, dustproof, rainproof, corrosion resistant, continuous operation and long service life. It has extremely reliable protection for mechanical equipment such as roller presses and crushers. The main performance indicators of the equipment have reached or exceeded the requirements of JB/T7689-2004 standard, and can absorb 0.1-40 kg of magnetic substances mixed in non-magnetic materials.
2. The Overband Magnet introduces the forced oil circulation cooling technology of large and medium-sized transformers widely used at home and abroad. The temperature rise can be controlled to a very low level (≤50oC), and the cooling technology is mature, safe and reliable.
3. The magnetic circuit of the Overband Magnet is short, the magnetic loss is low, the gradient of the magnetic field is high, and the magnetic field strength is equivalent to 3 to 4 times that of the conventional iron remover.
4. The weight of the Overband Magnet is not large, the oil circuit is smooth, the structure of the cooler is compact, and the heat dissipation efficiency is ideal.
5. The excitation coil is completely immersed in the sealed transformer oil, which has good dustproof, moisture proof and anti-corrosion performance.

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