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Overband Magnet with heating sink performance is very different

During the working process of the Overband Magnet, the electric energy is transformed into heat energy to generate a large amount of heat. If the heat cannot be released in time, the temperature rise of the iron remover will be too high, resulting in a decrease in the magnetic field strength and failure to work normally. Deformation of the coil and even burning will directly endanger the safety of the equipment and shorten its life. Therefore, the heat dissipation effect directly determines the performance of the Overband Magnet.

Overband Magnet with good heat dissipation are more durable and can withstand higher working pressure. In addition, the life of the body is longer and the maintenance cost can be significantly reduced. Normally, Overband Magnet with a bandwidth of more than 800mm need to add a heat sink. A model with a bandwidth of 800mm or less can be used without a heat sink. Therefore, it is more targeted to purchase iron remover to understand the heat dissipation effect. Dryelectromagnetic dry iron remover produced by Henderson adopts a hollow iron core and penetrates the yoke. A heat dissipation ring made of a non-magnetic material can be longitudinally disposed between the windings, and a plurality of heat dissipation materials made of a magnetic conductive material are disposed on the outer casing of the iron remover. Sheet. The heat dissipation effect is delightful, and the temperature of the Overband Magnet is greatly reduced.

In addition, Overband Magnet also uses forced oil circulation and fan cooling to achieve the desired cooling effect. After various adjustments, the working efficiency of the Overband Magnet is significantly improved invisibly.


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