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Overband Magnet’s superior adaptability

Overband Magnet is a popular iron remover model in various industries. The Overband Magnet is suitable for mineral materials with a large amount of ferromagnetic materials, which can help operators reduce working pressure and help the concentrator to be faster. The completion of the beneficiation task has improved work efficiency. Overband Magnet can be installed in a variety of locations, such as cement plants, thermal power plants, ceramic processing plants, chemical plants, tobacco, coal, glass, mining and other enterprises.
During the operation, the iron-removing device automatically throws the ferromagnetic material sucked on the iron-removing belt into the iron collecting box other than the Overband Magnet, and can automatically complete the automatic operation of removing iron without manual power-saving. The magnetic circuit planning of the Henderson Overband Magnet body is reasonable, the magnetic field has high strength and the magnetic permeability is large, so it is suitable for removing iron in the case where the material layer is relatively thick. Due to the use of a fully sealed structure, special processing such as vacuum drying is used in the manufacturing process, so that dust and harmful gases can be effectively prevented from eroding the coil, and the environment and climate are particularly adaptable, and the service life is relatively long.

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