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Performance of Overband Magnet Separator

Overband Magnet iron remover Manufacturer: The iron remover is a professional equipment for sucking off the iron in the block or powdery material, which can guarantee the safe operation of the crusher and grinder in the conveying system, and at the same time improve The effect of raw material grade is also obvious. The Overband Magnet iron remover is one of the more concerned types of new iron removers. It adopts a closed structure and can work normally in the harsh environment of dust, moisture and corrosion.
Overband Magnet iron remover is a new type of iron removal equipment. The Overband Magnet iron remover has a relatively low performance compared with the Overband Magnet iron remover, especially in some special occasions where the iron removal rate is high; Overband Magnet iron remover is adapted. The environment is limited, and the Overband Magnet iron remover adopts a more optimized design and can adapt to work in a very harsh environment, such as a place with high humidity, a large amount of dust, and strong salt spray corrosion, and the material layer is usually thick. The ferromagnetic iron can be removed from the conveyor belt with high belt speed, and the scope of application is very wide. Therefore, it is suitable for conveying materials with fast belt speed, large material thickness, and occasionally, in addition to the iron environment, the effect of fine iron removal can be achieved.

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