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Powerful measures to reduce the operating cost of suspension magnetic separator

Suspension magnetic separator is a powerful assistant inseparable in the production of the mineral industry. Its unique drum structure has automatic deviation correction capability. UCP bearings are used, which can be adaptively adjusted in the middle, with a large working area and good sealing, which can ensure more It takes the time to absorb iron fragments from the operating materials. It is the first choice for iron removal equipment in the coal preparation industry. It has extremely high operating stability. It also ensures the personal safety of the workers while completing its own tasks.

So how do you reasonably use a suspension magnetic separator to reduce its operating costs? Next, the technical personnel of Henderson Magnetoelectricity will introduce several measures for the economical use of suspension magnetic separators:

1. Improve the magnetization of the old magnet bar, as long as the outer shell of the magnet bar does not rot and the core does not oxidize and deteriorate, the improvement of the magnet bar can achieve the same efficiency as before, and the investment can save about 50%.
2. The same conveyor line can be used with permanent magnet electromagnetic equipment. First, the low-cost permanent magnetic suspension magnetic separator with relatively weak magnetic field strength is used to discard the strong magnetic iron impurities, and then the price and use cost are relatively higher, but the magnetic field Stronger electromagnetic suspension magnetic separator.
3. When choosing the permanent magnet rod of the suspended magnetic separator, it is not appropriate to choose a product with a large diameter, because increasing the surface area of ​​contact between the magnetic source and iron impurities can increase the chance of catching prey. Of course, increasing the surface area of ​​the magnetic rod can increase the surface area of ​​the permanent magnet source material, but under the same weight, reducing the direct area of ​​the rod can increase the number of magnetic rods, and thus greatly increase the surface area of ​​the rod. When the cross-section of the large-flow slurry is large, a multi-layer magnetic bar superposition scheme can be adopted.


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