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Powerful reputation for lightweight suspension permanent magnets

With its superior quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, the suspension permanent magnet produced by Henderson Magnet have been favored by many customers and have a bright future. Let’s introduce to you the following, why the light suspension permanent magnet can win the market.

RCYQ series lightweight suspension permanent magnets use high-strength rare-earth neodymium-iron-boron strong magnetic core, which can form a high magnetic field. It is suitable for relatively narrow places where the installation space is limited. The model itself is light and easy to suspend installation. Easy to move and transfer to work on other occasions. Simple structure, easy maintenance, streamlined components, low maintenance cost. The light suspension type permanent magnet adopts a shaft drive motor, which can effectively solve the broken chain, chain drop or belt-driven belt slip and slippage failures driven by sprocket chains. The automatic iron removing tape uses a high-strength annular integrated rubber belt. The integrated scraper can easily realize iron removing operations. It can support the mounting bracket, which can not only meet different installation methods, but also protect the belt from external damage and prolong the service life of the belt. Can be tailored to the appropriate size and performance according to user site space and requirements.

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