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Reasons for using sealed belt magnetic separator in harsh environment

The harsh working environment generally refers to the coal mine, the pollution is serious, the amount of dust is large or the place is more susceptible to corrosion. In this kind of environment, the requirements for the belt magnetic separator are relatively high, and the technical quality of the workers is the same. Have higher requirements. The sealed belt magnetic separator is more suitable for this working environment.
When the dust in the site environment is serious, the iron separator with a fully enclosed structure should be used. When the power supply is limited, a permanent magnet belt magnetic separator should be used. If there is more iron in the material, the self-unloading iron remover should be preferred. If the material layer is thick and the material size is large, it is necessary to select a strong magnetic belt magnetic separator. For multi-stage iron removal, it is necessary to choose to install the iron remover on the head of the belt conveyor.

Different working environments have different requirements for the belt magnetic separator. Selecting a special iron remover can quickly complete the task, and the failure rate is low, and the input of human and material resources is also less. Dust-laden work environments require higher requirements for secondary iron removers and require tightly sealed equipment.

It is dust-proof, moisture-proof and smoke-proof, that is, a fully sealed belt magnetic iron remover with “three-proof” capability, such as evaporative cooling and oil-type belt magnetic separator, which is more suitable for dust, moisture, corrosive gas, etc. The removal of iron from the environment. It is not advisable to select the model in which the excitation coil is in direct contact with the air, such as air-cooled, heat-tube and non-filled epoxy. The upper and lower natural ventilation cooling belt magnetic separators, because dust, moisture and salt spray will make the iron separator have a long life. reduce.

The special explosion-proof automatic iron remover can adapt to the dangerous and heavy pollution working environment. The ordinary iron remover can be used in the general working environment. The iron remover can be selected according to the environmental conditions, which can not only effectively ensure the efficiency of work, but also protect it. device.
The construction environment is full of dust or a dirty environment. The ideal choice is to use the RCDB, RCDE series of fully sealed structure of the electromagnetic iron remover, RCY series of permanent magnet iron remover, if the ferromagnetic material in the material is rare or basic If not, you can use the strong magnetic self-unloading electric, permanent magnet iron remover and metal detector, which can save energy, energy, long life and good iron removal effect.

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