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Remember to do these checks when the suspension permanent magnets are received

The suspension type permanent magnet is equipped with a composite magnetic system made of special permanent magnets with high coercivity and high remanence. It has the characteristics of high field strength, long service life, reliable operation and no maintenance. The suspension type permanent magnet has better energy-saving effect than the electromagnetic iron remover without relying on electric energy excitation; it can be stably operated for a long time without trouble without control circuit; the volume is small and easy to install.

The magnetic circuit inside the suspension permanent magnet utilizes advanced computer-aided design. The magnetic force of the permanent magnet core drops within 5% within eight years, and the service life can reach more than 15 years. Its technical indicators are in line with the JB/T8711-1998 standard. When the suspension permanent magnet adsorbs more ferromagnetic materials, the iron can be removed by using a non-magnetic scraper or wearing gloves, which is suitable for continuous work and less iron.
1. Self-lifting goods, when the user picks up the goods, in the company’s warehouse, according to the delivery notice, the product name, specification and quantity of the single-core suspension permanent magnet are accurately loaded and unloaded.
2. Suspension permanent magnets sent by railway and highway consignment. When the user receives the delivery notice, the goods should be received according to the number of notices arriving at the station.
3. If the consignment goods are found, if the number of pieces is found to be inconsistent or the package is damaged, the inventory should be checked and checked at the receiving station on the spot to avoid loss and damage during the transportation process.
4. If the loss or damage caused by the transportation department, the user should make a timely claim. Because our company has joined the security insurance business when consigned.
5. The equipment quality failure caused by non-transportation or the type and quantity do not match the speed of the iron remover manufacturer, so as not to affect the normal use.

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