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Several advantages of suspension permanent magnets are extraordinary

In some specific iron removal occasions, the role of suspension permanent magnet cannot be replaced by other magnetic separation equipment, because this type of iron remover is installed with a special permanent magnet “NdFeB” material with high coercivity and remanence. Composite magnetic system. Has the advantages of maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long life, simple installation, easy to use, reliable operation and so on. It has good applicability for iron removal on non-magnetic materials on belt conveyors, vibration conveyors, electromagnetic vibration feeders, and chutes. It can be used to remove 0.1 ~ 35kg of ferromagnetic impurities. The permanent magnetic system can be used for more than 10 years. When the suspension  permanent magnet absorbs more ferromagnetic materials, it is manually removed with a non-magnetic scraper or removed with gloves, which is suitable for continuous work and less iron.

The extraordinary performance of suspension permanent magnets is mainly reflected in the following points:

1. Low energy consumption, environmental protection, and durability: Due to the use of a permanent magnet as a suction source, electricity as the slag discharge power, and a slag discharge design, the suspension permanent magnet has a compact structure, low consumption electrodes, and works Stable and reliable, the liner is made of special wear-resistant materials, so the machine not only has a long life but also has a very high stability and reliability.
2. The whole machine is small in size, small in weight, low in failure rate and easy to use.
3. The structure design is novel and the iron removal efficiency is high: change the iron removal mode of the traditional magnetic roller, and make innovations from the principle to the structure, using high temperature resistant and strong magnetic NdFeB magnetic materials, using multiple sets of motion The magnetic group captures iron impurities, and the iron removal efficiency is greatly improved. It can continuously and completely remove the ferromagnetic impurities in the powder below 125 degrees Celsius. The iron discharge port is connected to the sorting device, so that the discharged iron is basically free of ash.
4, easy to install and use: only about one meter two space, the suspension permanent magnet can be used in series in the powder conveyance pipeline, the external dimensions may also be designed individually according to user needs. The iron removal function is continuous and automatic. After the equipment is started, no special person is required to take care of it. When the cement passes through it, iron debris will be automatically separated and discharged to the outside of the machine.

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