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Simple Overband Magnet Separator Structure Design

Everyone knows that Overband Magnet separator is a relatively professional magnetic equipment. In order to meet different operational requirements, the function and structure of the Overband Magnet separator are also diverse. In fact, the Overband Magnet iron remover also has a relatively simple production method, which is mainly to provide the user with a simple and reliable Overband Magnet separator device that can work online.
The technical solution of the invention originates from the operation principle of the ordinary Overband Magnet separator, and the left and right symmetrical brackets are designed, and the lifting mechanism is mounted on the bracket, and the lower end of the lifting mechanism is connected with the electromagnetic device, and the lifting mechanism mainly has a driving motor and an output. The transmission rod and the lifting rod are composed of several parts, and the lower part of the lifting rod has a screw rod section matched with the output transmission rod, and the electromagnetic unit is fixedly connected below the screw rod section. The output transmission rod is separated from the lifting rod to the left and right, and is respectively installed on both sides of the bracket, and the output transmission rod is connected by a connecting rod. The lifting rod has a stopper for controlling the height of the electromagnetic device to move up and down. There is a drag chain for the discharge line between the Overband Magnet iron remover and the bracket. The above bracket is composed of two segments and is a detachable connection.


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