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Some problems in the installation and use of Overband Magnet

Overband Magnet has won the support and trust of many customers with a series of advantages such as easy use and simplicity. If the iron remover can be installed and used correctly, it will bring great convenience and economic benefits to customers and friends. Today, Weifang Henderson Magnetics technical experts have summarized some of the problems and solutions that will be faced in the installation and use of Overband Magnet.

There are many types of Henderson suspension type iron remover to choose from, which can meet the iron removal needs of our customers. It has a wide range of applications. It has installation and application sites in many domestic concentrators. The correct installation position can guarantee the hanging type. The iron remover works efficiently and has a long service life.
First, when purchasing, the customer selects a Overband Magnet with appropriate magnetic field strength according to the type of ferromagnetic substance. Iron removal should be carried out in the selected raw materials to avoid large particles and other impurities entering the nearby iron trough, hindering the normal performance of the Overband Magnet. Remove iron as much as possible at a lower temperature to extend the life of the magnet.
The installation position of the Overband Magnet needs to be spacious, which facilitates the movement and lifting of the iron remover, facilitates the unloading and removal of the iron, and facilitates the installation and fixing of the track. It is preferred to install or approach the drive roller at the apex of the feed drum of the conveyor head. Installed above the transition roller.
The installation method of the Overband Magnet is divided into two types: inclined and horizontal, and they are all related to the work of the iron remover positioned at a certain position of the conveyor belt. Tilt-mounted installation When the iron is removed above the conveyor belt head, the suspension type iron remover must be installed in a longitudinally inclined manner.
In short, you need to install it in a location that is spacious and has no security risks. You don’t have to worry about the specific installation strategy. The iron remover will send a special person to the site to guide the installation.

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