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Some problems in the reduction of phosphorus by Overband Magnet

Overband Magnet manufacturer: Phosphorus is a very harmful element in the process of iron and steel smelting, which seriously affects the steelmaking process and product quality. Therefore, it needs to be treated by equipment such as Overband Magnet. Because high-phosphorus iron ore must be dephosphorized before it can be used for iron and steel smelting, and the demineralization technology and ore dressing cost of high-phosphorus iron ore dephosphorization cannot meet the requirements of supply and use, resulting in insufficient high-phosphorus iron ore. use. Therefore, studying the purification and phosphorus removal techniques of high-phosphorus iron ore is of great significance to the development of the economy.
There are several problems in the magnetic separation method used in the current industry:
1. When using a Overband Magnet to selectively reduce phosphorus, strong magnetic equipment is prone to blockage. The main reasons are two aspects: First, some chemical components in the circulating water are likely to cause erosion of the medium in the strong magnetic separation equipment, and the surface of the medium is rough and easy to be stuck in the ore; secondly, the slag removal effect of the slag removal screen is poor, and some large granular ore enters the equipment. Form an infarction.
2. The phosphorus removal rate is low, the iron loss is large, and the recovery rate is low. From the principle of phosphorus reduction in the magnetic separation process of the automatic iron separator, on the one hand, the magnetic field gradient formed by the device sorting medium itself is not large enough, coupled with the infarction of the wear and separation space, the sorting conditions are improved, and the quality of the concentrate is incurred. Landing, the grade of tailings is reduced, and the amount of iron loss is increased. On the other hand, under the strong magnetic force, the non-magnetic gangue minerals and the poorly-contained granules in the concentrate are mechanically noisy, and the flushing or pulsating scouring is adopted. Iron loss increased. In terms of phosphorus reduction from the flotation process, most of the current anions are reverse flotation. Since the floatability of phosphorus minerals and iron minerals is not much different, the existing anion reverse flotation collectors are selective. Not good, resulting in more loss of iron in the floating phosphorus foam.
3. Due to the fine grain size of the phosphorus minerals in the iron ore, it is usually finely ground, which reduces the effectiveness of the ball mill and increases the difficulty of product settlement and dilution. Especially the dilution of tailings is very difficult, which greatly affects the quality and utilization rate of circulating water.

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