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Standard for suspended permanent magnet separator

The use of suspended permanent magnet separators should be used to understand the application of such equipment, including the granularity and properties of ferromagnetic materials, the requirements for iron removal, the environment of use and the characteristics of the iron remover itself.

Secondly, according to the actual situation of the site, the de-ironing device should be specially debugged. If the material is too thick, it can be utilized with the WCTG series non-magnetic parallel roller. Of course, suspension height can be appropriately reduced in order to obtain higher efficiency.

If there is little or no ferromagnetic material in the selected working environment, then the GJT series metal detector can be employed in combination with the strong magnetic self-unloading electric and permanent magnet iron remover. Energy saving, long life and good iron removal effect.

If the construction environment is full of dust or very dirty, then the ideal choice is to use the CF, RCDB, RCDE series of fully sealed structure of the electromagnetic iron remover, RCY series of permanent magnet iron remover.


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