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Standard use of Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet drives the unloading iron belt by driving the motor, and the ferromagnetic material is thrown to the outside of the conveyor belt by the scraper to complete the iron removing operation. The iron remover can realize continuous unloading and intermittent unloading of iron, and is suitable for working in a harsh environment, and can improve production efficiency and labor for the enterprise.
The Overband Magnet remover is used to remove iron filings from bulk materials transported on conveyor belts or vibrating feeders. The Overband Magnet is used to protect the processing machine from unwanted ferrous metal damage and recover valuable from waste. Scrap iron.
Application of Overband Magnet: removes iron contaminants from coal, granite, limestone, basalt and other aggregates to protect the crusher and grinder. Removal of contaminated iron contaminants at specific stages of cement production. Remove impurity iron from the molding sand. Clean chips, shavings and other chopped wood materials. Wash broken glass, rubber, plastic and other materials from recycling. Scrap iron is recovered from municipal and industrial waste. Clean alternative fuels and compost. Protect the beet slicer.
Overband Magnet has a high magnetic field range and strength, the belt type electromagnetic iron remover continuously operates S1-100%, the Overband Magnet has high winding insulation grade, the Overband Magnetr adapts to the belt width and speed, and the belt type electromagnetic The sturdy construction of the iron remover ensures a long service life.

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