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Summary of the main points of safe use of Suspension permanent magnet

Suspension permanent magnet are devices that generate attractive forces through a powerful magnetic field that can be removed by ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material to ensure safe operation of machinery, equipment, such as conveyor systems, crushers, grinders, etc. And can effectively prevent large, long iron scratching conveyor belt accidents, but also significantly improve the quality of raw materials. The suspension type permanent magnets are formed into various series according to different occasions and magnetic circuit structures.

Product features of suspension permanent magnets:
1. It adopts a fully sealed structure, which can effectively prevent the erosion of moisture, dust and harmful gases on the coil, has strong adaptability to climate and environment, and has reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and reliability.
2. The magnetic circuit is optimized, the magnetic permeability is large, and the geometry of the spatial magnetic field is approximately hemispherical, so it is more attractive than other similar products.
3. The suspension type permanent magnet magnet excitation coil is vacuum dried and filled with special filling materials to improve the mechanical and electrical properties, thus having a long service life.
4, according to the special needs of users, design and manufacture various types of magnetic separation equipment.

The main safety measures when using a floating permanent magnet are as follows:
1. Formulate a system to strictly enforce the system of who loses power and who sends power.
2. It is strictly forbidden to carry out belt maintenance during operation before maintenance.
3. Remove the iron from the iron remover and clean the surrounding impurities before repairing the suspended permanent magnet.
4. When climbing and maintenance, maintenance personnel should use safety ropes, seat belts and other measures.
5. Before servicing the suspension permanent magnets, the maintenance personnel should understand the working principle of the equipment and the performance of the parts of the iron removal inspection unit, and prepare the tools required for maintenance.

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