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Suspension magnetic separator provides new options for fine iron removal

Currently, the iron removal equipment commonly used in the industrial production field mainly includes magnetic filters, tube filters, anode beds, high-speed mixed beds, etc. During the operation of these devices, not only a large amount of electricity is consumed, but also materials are consumed. Increase the cost of operation, and the development and application of the suspension magnetic separator provides a new method for fine iron removal, which can achieve the purpose of safe, efficient and economic operation.

Suspension magnetic separator is generally suitable for separating the fine iron filings contained in the liquid medium to meet the process requirements required by the liquid medium. The suspension magnetic separator is ideal in the food industry, cosmetics, fine chemical industry and other industries. Iron removal equipment, suspended magnetic separators use permanent magnets made of neodymium-iron-boron as raw materials. The adsorption force generated during operation is ten times that of general magnetic materials, and it has a state of instantaneous liquid impact or high velocity. The ability to absorb micron-level ferromagnetic pollutants, and can overcome the re-adsorption of ferromagnetic pollutants washed down under high speed and large impact, thereby avoiding the seizure of hydraulic components or abrasion caused by friction, extending the hydraulic components. As well as the service life of the hydraulic system and the reliability of the hydraulic system, the suspension magnetic separator is widely used in ceramics, electric power, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, food, environmental protection, pigments, dyes, electronics, metallurgy, etc. The industry has played an important role.

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