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Suspension permanent magnet develops steadily in technological improvement

Suspension permanent magnet are standing in the beneficiation equipment market with many products. The equipment has a wide range of applications and is not difficult to see in many industries. Suspension type permanent magnet is the representative of new technological innovation of magnetoelectric equipment. Its spirit of persistence in innovation and continuous progress has made it widely recognized by the public and has steadily developed in the market.

After the technical improvement, the suspension type permanent magnet not only adjusted the magnetic material, but also adopted double protection measures. In order to avoid demagnetization of the magnetic block for a long time, the neodymium iron boron was galvanized and oxidized. The entirety of the permanent magnet of the suspension permanent magnet is sealed and casted with epoxy resin to prevent the magnetic block from contacting with the air to oxidize, which greatly reduces the demagnetization rate of the suspension permanent magnet. The demagnetization rate will not exceed 5% within ten years.

After the technological innovation, the suspension permanent magnet is designed as a waist-drum drum, which can automatically correct the deviation; it is a fully-closed structure of the bearing seat, which has a strong ability to adapt to the environment and can ensure long-term continuous operation without failure.
Suspension permanent magnets must be cleaned to a high degree of automation, while reducing the loss of materials and water, especially the removal of iron from glaze slurry; the conversion efficiency of electromagnetic energy must also be high; and the closing technology of magnetically conductive materials Prevent the shortening of the service life of the equipment due to oxidation; the structure should be simple, the maintenance should be easy, the volume should be as small as possible, and the use is safe and reliable.

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