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Suspension permanent magnets do a good job of “medical examination” is important

Suspension permanent magnet can remove mixed ferromagnetic impurities in raw coal, improve the quality of raw coal, and ensure the safe and good operation of coal feeders and coal mills in coal transportation systems. In addition, suspension permanent magnets can also well avoid the occurrence of coal belt fractures caused by excessively large and long iron blocks, which plays a vital role in coal transportation systems.
A suspension permanent magnet is a big guy weighing a few tons. Once a problem occurs, not only will the workload and maintenance rate be greatly increased, but the waste iron will also fall into the rotating machinery, shortening the service life of the coal crusher and coal mill, and bringing safety production to the enterprise. No small danger. In order to avoid such unsafe accidents, the electrothermal inspection team specially invited the iron remover manufacturers to inspect and maintain the operation site. The technicians from the iron removal factory inspected the coiled iron and strip iron. Inspection items are inspected from the suspension permanent magnet body and its control cabinet to the safety contactor one by one. Thoroughly deal with and replace the problems found in the inspection to ensure that the remaining problems can be resolved as soon as possible.
In the work of the suspension permanent magnet, although the space is small and there is a lot of pulverized coal, the two parties continue to discuss and study, and fully consider the problem as much as possible and deal with it. In the future, in addition to iron, in the future, you can quickly and accurately determine the fault point and solve the problem, the electric repair team is pleased to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion to conduct a detailed investigation on the possible problems of the floating permanent magnet, and make all the details In place.
The “physical examination” of the suspension permanent magnet not only lays a solid foundation for the safe operation of the equipment, but also fills in the blanks of the expertise of the suspension permanent magnet.

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