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Technical advantages of Overband Magnet separator

The Overband Magnet separator has the following advantages in technology:

1. With high-performance NdFeB as magnetic source, it has strong magnetic properties and is difficult to demagnetize.

2. The drum on both sides of the Overband Magnet separator is a waist drum structure with automatic rectification function and excellent sealing performance, so it can adapt to various harsh environments.

3. The control part can be interlocked with the belt conveyor, which can realize two control modes: manual control and centralized control.

4. There is no excitation coil to save energy and energy.

5, no need to use the rectifier control device, high reliability.

6, there is no temperature rise problem, the magnetic field strength will not exist in the “hot” “cold start”, the magnetic field is constant.

7. When the power is turned off, the iron parts sucked on the iron remover will not fall back to the conveying material.

8. There is no insulation and pressure resistance in the Overband Magnet separator. It can be just an explosion-proof dust collector with an anti-explosive motor driven scrap iron conveyor belt. However, the magnetic field strength of the Overband Magnet separator will be attenuated, and attention should be given to the implementation when selecting.


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