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The correct way to overhaul the Suspension magnetic separator

Suspension magnetic separator manufacturers: For the mechanical, the correct and reasonable operation to ensure the efficiency of the premise, in addition, the pre-use inspection steps are also essential, it can kill the glitch in the cradle. For the iron remover, you need to go through the steps before each start.
Before the suspension magnetic separator is used to check whether the clamp of the suspended steel rope is firm and complete (not less than 3), whether the steel rope has broken rope, whether the iron removal bolt is loose, whether there is a scratching belt phenomenon, such as If the problem is found, it should be handled before driving. Check the suspension position of the suspension magnetic separator, check if the fasteners of the drive unit are suitable, and whether the degree is appropriate. Check if the switch on the control cabinet, press (rotate) button, signal, meter, etc. is normal. The doors should be closed tightly.

The maintenance method of the suspension magnetic separator can be repaired from the following points:
1. Check the electrical insulation performance of the coil and the motor.
2. Always observe whether the readings of the voltmeter and ammeter are normal and do not exceed the rated value.
3. If the iron removal effect is not good, adjust the lifting height or the front and rear distance of the iron remover and the head roller.
4. Before the suspension magnetic separator is operated, the megohmmeter should be used. The insulation resistance of the winding to the magnet housing should be less than 10MΩ. Check whether the wiring of the excitation winding is correct and reliable.

Precautions for overhauling the magnetic separator:
1. Always clean the dust around it and regularly refuel the bearings of the car. If the damage is found, replace the same type of accessories in time.
2, the power cord needs to be checked frequently, found trauma, and replaced in time.

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