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The key role of Overband Magnet in cement iron cleaning

The Overband Magnet can be divided into two types of electromagnetic and permanent magnets according to different sources of magnetic force. The iron remover is a special iron removing device that absorbs iron in bulk or powder materials. Overband Magnet are essentially a type of DC electromagnet. After being energized, their excitation coils will generate a strong magnetic field to attract iron parts in non-magnetic materials. The Overband Magnet is equipped with a high coercivity and high remanence rare earth magnetic material neodymium iron boron and ferrite to form a magnetic source to form a super strong magnetic field, which is used to absorb ferromagnetic impurities. No power, no power consumption.Overband Magnet are mostly used in cement plants to protect grinding systems such as fine crushers, roll presses, vertical mills, packaging machines and ball mills used in the processing of raw materials and clinker. It can remove iron impurities in raw materials to ensure that the grinding equipment can run safely and reduce the failure rate. In glass, ceramic factory  Overband Magnet can be used to remove iron impurities and iron powder in raw materials to protect crushing equipment and improve the quality of glass products. In the brick and tile factory, the Overband Magnet is mostly used for iron removal protection for crushers, rollers and brick making machines.
With the improvement of the domestic cement labeling and the technical transformation of various cement enterprises, the technical improvement of the grinding system has become an important process for cement manufacturers. To increase the mill output and fineness of the mill, it is necessary to transform the crushing , System, using high-precision crusher and pulverizer, the particle size of materials crushed by this type of equipment is usually less than 10mm. Once such fine materials are crushed, once they are mixed into iron debris such as chains, wrenches, bolts, and scrap iron, It will cause serious damage to the crusher, and then it will damage the hammer head, the lining board and the screen bar, which will seriously endanger the crusher’s central shaft and bearings and other important parts. Therefore, choosing a strong magnetic separator with excellent performance and reassurance can effectively avoid the accident of similar problems.

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