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The market demand for suspension permanent magnets will increase in the future

For the suspension permanent magnet, in order to better realize its own value, the permanent magnet industry is constantly breaking through itself, and various suspended permanent magnets can cope with the selection requirements of different minerals. Therefore, there are many types of iron separators. Usually, people pay more attention to the problem of magnetic strength. From the perspective of magnetic strength, they can be divided into weak magnetic and strong magnetic. Among them, the strong magnetic suspension type permanent magnet includes a high gradient iron remover. The division of the magnetic field strength is generally bounded by 240kA/m (3000Oe). Below this value, it is a weak magnetic field, and above this value is a strong magnetic field. Weak magnetic suspension type permanent magnets are mainly for the sorting materials which are high-grade minerals with high grade and good quality. For most difficult-to-select weak magnetic minerals, strong magnetic suspension permanent magnets are used. Especially those minerals such as hematite and limonite, which are extremely difficult to select, usually use strong magnetic suspension permanent magnets.

Suspension permanent magnets are equipment for filtering ferromagnetic metal impurities in materials. They usually refer to permanent magnet separators made of rare earth permanent magnet materials. Common types are: magnetic rods, magnetic grids, drawer type iron removers, and rotary type. Iron remover, permanent magnet cylinder, drum type iron remover, hump type iron remover, strong magnetic plate, fluid pipe iron remover, strong magnetic roller.
Suspension permanent magnets can be used in food processing, grain processing, feed processing, new energy, fine chemicals, thermal power plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, glass windows, ceramics factories, engineering plastics and other industries. With the continuous development of the economy, consumers pay more attention to food safety, and the importance of the quality of household products is also increasing. The demand for new energy and new materials is increasing. The application of magnets will be more extensive.

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