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The most widely used industry for Belt Magnetic separators

The main purpose of the Belt Magnetic iron remover is to remove iron from the powdery material and small particle material flowing through the pipeline. The structure of the pipeline includes three parts: the pipeline body, the driving device and the magnet running device. The driving device is mounted on the pipeline wall. In the above, the magnet running device of the magnetic separation chamber in the pipeline is motivated by the sprocket and the chain, and the permanent magnet sucks out the ferromagnetic substance mixed in the material in the pipeline and discharges out through the taphole.

Belt Magnetic separator is the most widely used in the cement industry: the pulverized coarse powder after the powder selection machine and the fine powder before the pre-grinding of the clinker, the Belt Magnetic separator is used to Prevent iron particles from accumulating in the grinding machine, thereby increasing the production efficiency of the mill and the specific surface area of ​​The cement; iron removal before the cement filling process is also inseparable from the Belt Magnetic iron remover, which can mix the iron mixed in the cement mud. Impurities are automatically cleaned and released to ensure stable operation of production. Continuous, automatic and efficient removal of iron impurities in materials; the iron remover is resistant to high temperature, strong magnetic force, long life, and does not require special care; the output of the mill can be increased by more than 15%, and the wear of steel balls, steel segments and liners is reduced. More than 20%, the removal rate can reach more than 99%, the service life of the steel impeller of the roller press and the outlet of the packaging machine can be expanded by more than 2 times.


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