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The operation rules of the suspension magnetic separator are explained by everyone

The composite magnetic system in the suspension magnetic separator is made of high-performance permanent magnet “NdFeB” with high coercive force and high remanence. When the particulate material passes under the iron remover, 0.1-0.36 kg of ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material will be sucked up, and the belt on the dump iron remover will continue to operate when the iron adsorbed on the belt When the magnetic material moves to the non-magnetic area, it will be scraped off by the scraper on the belt and thrown into the iron collecting box to achieve the effect of continuous automatic iron removal.

The operating procedures for the suspended magnetic separator are as follows:

First, the general requirements for the operation of the suspension magnetic separator

1. The workers who operate the equipment must pass the professional skills training of this type of work, pass the examination, and obtain the qualification certificate before they can hold the certificate.
2. The operator should be familiar with the process principle of this operation and understand the amount of impurities in the coal.
3. The operator needs to be familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of the self-unloading iron remover, familiar with its operation methods, safety requirements and methods for eliminating general faults.
4. Operators must strictly implement safety procedures, skill operation procedures, post responsibility system, handover system and other relevant regulations.
5. When the operator is on duty, he should wear protective equipment as required.

Second, the safety regulations of the suspension magnetic separator

1. During the operation of the belt of the suspension magnetic separator, it is strictly forbidden to stay in the position before unloading, and it is strictly forbidden to enter any part of the body under the discharge chute.
2. Under the operating and working conditions, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the iron removal operation of the belt conveyor and the iron removal machine.
3. Do not flush the equipment with water.
4. It is strictly forbidden to clean iron debris and other debris under the suspended magnetic separator.

Third, the suspension magnetic separator preparation

1. Before starting the equipment, the parts on the suspended magnetic separator should be inspected according to the requirements of the General Inspection Procedures for Electromechanical Equipment of Coal Preparation Plant. The problems should be reported and dealt with in time.
2. It is necessary to carefully check whether the safety protection device of the equipment is safe and reliable. If the iron chute is blocked, the problem will be dealt with in time.
3. When repairing or handling the iron separator failure, the power must be cut off.
4. The suspension magnetic separator is not allowed to move, stay or clean the iron near the exit of the iron remover and the iron remover during operation to prevent the iron from injuring people.

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