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The performance of Overband Magnet in production

Overband Magnet manufacturers: With the prosperity of the domestic economy, all industries are constantly moving forward. The importance of iron removers in production is becoming more and more obvious. All production enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the purity of materials. There is also a stricter standard for the grade of the product, so in many special occasions, the ferromagnetic material in the material needs to be more thoroughly and effectively removed.
The Overband Magnet manufactured according to the current domestic standards can not meet the higher iron removal requirements. The Overband Magnet is a new type of equipment that should be launched in response to market demand. The iron remover combines multiple technologies. Together, it has super suction, deeper suction and energy saving effect. It can be installed on the front or middle section of the belt conveyor. Its powerful magnetic force can suck the iron mixed in the material and pass it through. The scraper’s self-unloading belt removes it, which has an important role to play in avoiding the sharp iron scraping of the transport tape and improving the purity of the material. Therefore, the Overband Magnet has been vigorously promoted and applied in the departments of power energy, ore sorting, metal smelting, chemical manufacturing, building materials and light textiles.

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