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The reason why Overband Magnet becomes the market darling

Because of its excellent performance, the Overband Magnet has been sought after by many customers in the industry. So, do you know why this kind of iron remover is so popular? Here are some reasons why the Overband Magnet has become the market darling:
1. The Overband Magnet cancels the previous roller design, and the large roller support belt is selected, which runs smoothly and has low noise.
2. The Overband Magnet adopts a specially designed skid-type multi-scraper belt, which can effectively avoid the sharp ferromagnetic debris damage the belt and is economical to use.
3. The Overband Magnet adopts special magnetic field design and structural design, which increases the area of ​​the magnetic pole, and is suitable for effective sorting of fine-grained steel slag, and the sorting effect is obvious.
4. The magnetic core adopts full sealing design, which is suitable for occasions with large iron parts and large conductive dust. The coil insulation is safe and reliable.
5, the Overband Magnet can realize automatic belt rectification, using a unique sealed bearing seat, which can adapt to the harsh working environment.
6, the use of direct-connected motor, reducer mode, compact and reasonable structure, can effectively improve the stability of equipment operation.
7. The specifications and models of the Overband Magnet are complete, and there are common types conforming to the national standard and super strong and explosion-proof type higher than the national standard.
8. The Overband Magnet can magnetically select steel slag of various sizes of 0-300 mm.


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