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The unknown advantages of suspended permanent magnets

Suspension permanent magnet can operate under a strong magnetic field for a long time. Important components can ensure that there is no failure that affects the normal use of the equipment for 10,000 hours. The noise of this model is not higher than 85dB (A), and the distance is the rated suspension height (550mm ), With the center of the corresponding magnetic pole geometry as the center of the circle and the radius of 100om as the radius, the higher position magnetic induction value (thermal state) = 400 mtex, the lower position magnetic induction value (thermal state) is not less than 130 millimeters special. After the dump iron remover is officially put into use, it can remove the miscellaneous iron under 6 kg, such as the pipeline and gun line at the bottom of the coal flow.
The main load-bearing structure of the suspension permanent magnet is made of carbon structural steel, and its chemical composition and mechanical properties meet the requirements of GB700-88. The whole steel is pretreated to remove rolling oxidation, rust and foreign matter, and the welding surface is smooth and flat. No defects such as pores, slag inclusions, welding knobs and cracks can exist to ensure the quality of the weld.
Butt welding of steel plates should be completed by submerged arc welding to ensure penetration. The main fillet welding is completed by submerged arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding and other automatic or semi-automatic welding methods to ensure sufficient welding depth. Welding electrodes are selected according to the principle of equal strength. Welding electrodes must be subjected to process tests before large-scale use.
After the actual impurity removal work inspection, the magnetic field strength of the suspension permanent magnet is relatively large, which can reach 22000gs. And the operation is stable and the operation is simple. In the daily operation, there are few minor faults and minor faults. It can achieve continuous removal of impurities for 24 hours without delaying production.

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