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The use of the Overband Magnet should understand its performance and pay attention to the relevant operation details

The Overband Magnet is also called a belt type iron remover, a self-unloading type iron remover, an automatic iron remover, etc., and the iron remover has two types of permanent magnet and electromagnetic. Here is a brief introduction to the relevant content of the iron remover, so that you have a deeper understanding of the product.

The characteristics of the Overband Magnet are as follows: equipped with a specially designed armored belt, it can avoid damage to the belt caused by sharp ferromagnetic debris, and it is economical to operate; the magnetic field strength at the rated height position is high, the gradient is large, and the suction force is strong; no electric excitation is required. Energy-saving and energy-saving, it can automatically unload iron, easy to operate; It has the ability of belt automatic deviation correction, adopts special sealed bearing housing, can adapt to the operation under harsh environment; The structure is reasonable and compact, it is easy to maintain and can run for long-term trouble-free operation; Complete, there are ordinary models that meet the national standard and models that are higher than the national standard. It has explosion-proof type; the magnetic circuit adopts computer for simulation planning, perfect double magnetic pole structure, high magnetic field strength, large gradient, strong suction; waist drum flow roller structure, with automatic rectification function, fully sealed bearing seat, good sealing, can Adapt to all kinds of harsh environments; automatic unloading of belts can ensure long-term trouble-free continuous operation; compact structure, complete specifications, and explosion-proof type; ferromagnetic debris adsorbed on the iron remover through the automatic unloading device Throwing out, the iron removal automation is realized; the control part can be interlocked with the belt conveyor to realize local manual control and centralized control.

Overband Magnet have a large number of applications in various industries, and are a great tool for the purification of resource recycling materials. If you pay attention to the details of use in use, you can effectively extend the service life of the equipment and improve the use of the equipment. Let me introduce some details of the daily use of the Overband Magnet and help you replace the maintenance equipment.

Environmental requirements: The altitude should be below 4000 meters; the ambient air temperature should not exceed +40 °C, not lower than -20 °C; indoors and in the field can be used; no blasting risk and no corrosive gas environment; temperature in At 25 ° C, the relative humidity of the surrounding environment is not more than 90%.

Installation requirements: When the Overband Magnet is installed on the head of the belt conveyor, the driving wheel at the bottom of the iron remover should be non-ferromagnetic due to the forward momentum and looseness of the material. When the iron remover is installed in the middle of the belt conveyor (ie, cross-arranged), in order to improve the iron removal effect, a non-magnetic linear idler roller can be added under the tape.

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