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Ultrasonic cleaning of Overband Magnet separators

Ultrasonic cleaning of the Overband Magnet iron remover is to use the ultrasonic generator to send a signal, and the transducer converts the signal into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation to propagate to the iron-absorbing medium. In the cleaning liquid, the ultrasonic wave is irradiated forward in a dense phase. Let the liquid flow to generate a large number of tiny bubbles, and generate vibration through the action of the sound field. After the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble will increase rapidly, and then close immediately, and the bubble will be produced during the closing process. When nearby atmospheric pressure is generated, and solid particles adhere to the surface of the cleaning member, the solid particles are detached from the surface of the cleaning member under atmospheric pressure to clean the surface.

Ultrasonic cleaning is faster and cleaner. If the transducer is placed inside the electromagnetic iron remover, the work of cleaning the iron-absorbing medium can be completed in the cavity, and even the electromagnetic iron remover which is automatically cleaned after the power-off can be designed to greatly improve the efficiency; The iron machine can also be used to remove the slurry by ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasonic wave can also clean the magnetic source under the mesmeric state, and the effect of cleaning the Overband Magnet separator is remarkable. In order to apply the ultrasonic cleaning method of the iron removing machine, the structural design problem must be solved first, and the cost is not low. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning method has not been commonly used in the field of cleaning the slurry removing iron machine.


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