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What are the advantages of suspension permanent magnets

The suspension permanent magnet is generally installed at the position where the material conveying pipe is connected with the conveyor belt. When the material passes through the iron separator, the ferromagnetic material carried by the material will be sucked onto the magnetic roller and rotate with the conveyor belt to reach the magnetic field without the magnetic field. When the area is under the action of gravity, it is discharged from the tap hole, thereby separating the magnetic impurities from the material and completing the automatic iron removal of the material. Widely used in the cleaning of ferromagnetic impurities in powder, granules and liquids or slurries. It is widely used in ceramics, electric power, plastics, mining, chemical, environmental protection, rubber, food, pharmaceutical, pigments, dyes, electronics, and metallurgy. And other industries.

1. Suspension permanent magnet magnetic source is made of rare earth alloy hinged iron boron. It has long service time, no energy consumption, no pollution, simple structure, easy to use, magnetic system full grid arrangement, so that the strong magnetic area can be fully utilized. Multi-layer design, layer filtration, more thorough iron removal, the effect is more significant.
2. The suspension permanent magnet has a reasonable structure, takes up a small space, is easy to install, and can be used in series in the powder conveying pipeline.
3, using NdFeB high-strength permanent magnet, high iron removal efficiency, long service life.
4. The suspension permanent magnet operation process is continuous and automatic, and the equipment does not need to be taken care of after the equipment starts running.
5. Suspension permanent magnets can be used to close the powder conveying system, and no dust will escape during operation, which will not pollute the environment.
6. The suspension permanent magnet has a continuous and constant iron removal function, and the iron discharge program is intermittent (the time interval is adjustable), so the power consumption is small, and the mechanical system loss is low.
7. Suspension permanent magnets can be adjusted according to customer’s specific requirements and on-site environmental conditions (such as A3, stainless steel rack).

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