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What are the advantages of the Overband Magnet separator

Nowadays, the mining industry is inextricably linked to the use of Overband Magnet separators. Make you understand the advantages of Overband Magnet separators? The following small series will want you to meet everyone.

1. Fine iron removal, because some raw iron pieces are inevitably mixed in the processing process, sometimes a small amount of iron-titanium minerals are mixed. To remove this part of fine iron impurities, it is necessary to increase the iron removal of the iron remover. Ability to develop a fine direction.

2, high magnetic field, high gradient, the application of better materials, the magnetic field strength of the Overband Magnet separator is the best, the gradient is getting larger and larger.

3. In terms of energy savings, electromagnetic iron remover generates electric field by electric current, which has irreplaceable advantages in some industries (such as ceramics factory). Therefore, energy saving and consumption reduction are the development trend of electromagnetic iron remover.

4. Control automation, the control system of the iron remover generally adopts PLC control, which can improve reliability, reduce maintenance and conveniently connect with other automatic control systems.

5. Promote a high power iron remover and develop a new type of iron remover power supply. The power supply quality is one of the factors that determine the performance of the iron remover. A suitable power supply has the advantages of high-power factor, easy control, energy saving, low cost, and easy connection to other smart devices.


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