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What are the coups for energy saving and consumption reduction of belt magnetic separator

Belt magnetic separator manufacturer: energy saving and consumption reduction, has always been a hot topic in the machinery industry. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the renewable development of energy, reduced energy consumption, and efficient use of materials. The current products of iron separators in the market are different. New equipment such as belt magnetic separators are particularly eye-catching in the magnetic separation market. Some new technologies have benefited mining companies in the application of belt magnetic separators. However, some manufacturers blindly follow suit and feel that they are more expensive to update. The equipment can increase production efficiency, which only increases production costs and sometimes has a negative effect on production. In fact, there are effective measures to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of belt magnetic separators.
For the belt magnetic separator, the height of the iron ore dry sorter is adjusted.
The magnetic separator of the belt magnetic separator directly affects the sorting function. If the height of the partition plate is not enough, the extremely poor magnetite block will not be recovered well, and the utilization rate of the ore resources will be reduced; the height of the partition plate If it is too high, the gangue mineral deposit is not completely thrown, which affects the sorting effect of the belt magnetic separator. It is necessary to adjust the height of the dry sorting board according to the specific conditions, so that the dry selection can ensure a certain tailing share, and the non-magnetic mineral deposit can be well thrown.
The second is to adjust the distance between the belt magnetic separator and the magnetic roller.
The spacing between the distributor plate and the magnetic roller is an important parameter in the pre-selection process. The smaller the interval between the separator plates, the poorer magnetite nuggets can not be better recovered, reducing the utilization rate of ore resources; The larger the interval, the better the separation of the gangue deposits, the lower the grade of the grinding, which is not conducive to the performance of the grinding power. According to the nature of the ore and the interval between the dividing plate and the drum, the gangue is fully thrown. Together to ensure the full recovery of magnetic products, to ensure the recovery rate of dry concentrate.
In addition, the material layer flattener is added to the belt magnetic separator to make the dry material layer as thin and uniform as possible.

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