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What are the problems in the process of the Belt Magnetic

The main function of the Belt Magnetic is to realize automatic unloading of iron. It is difficult to avoid some faults and small faults during the operation of the equipment. The places where the problems are more likely to occur are as follows:
1. After the power is turned on, the machine will not respond and will not be excited. In this case, there may be a segmentation switch that is not closed; the thermal relay does not return to normal operation; the fuse that controls the loop is damaged.
2. After the power is turned on, Belt Magnetic can operate normally. Do not trip on the control switch as long as there is excitation. This situation may be due to the breakdown of the silicon rectifier, the indication of the voltmeter is abnormal; the open circuit on the DC side, the current is not normally indicated.
3. After power-on, the starting machine can rotate, but it cannot be excited. The cause of this problem may be that the temperature control relay has abnormal operation; the cooling fan has a problem; the temperature of the excitation winding is too high.
4. It is not possible to switch between normal excitation and strong excitation. This problem occurs because the metal detector does not move; the metal detector malfunctions; the time delay is not set to a fixed value; the time really has a problem.
5, the motor speed reducer appears to high temperature rise, the sound is not normal. In this case, the motor of the Belt Magnetic is overloaded or the bearing is damaged. The worm gear in the gearbox is too worn, and the gear unit lacks lubricating oil.


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