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What are the stunning designs of Overband Magnet iron remover

Overband Magnet iron remover is a special type of iron-removing equipment specially developed for mine operations containing explosive gas such as methane. What is the design of this kind of electromagnetic iron remover?

The composition of Overband Magnet iron remover includes an explosion-proof electromagnetic box casing, a coil and a flameproof junction box. Explosion-proof electromagnetic box housing is welded by thickening steel plates. The width of all explosion-proof surfaces exceeds the width requirement of GB3836. The flatness and roughness requirements of the explosion-proof surface are greater than the national standard. The gap of the explosion joint surface is smaller than the requirements of the federal standard. After the processing, the explosion-proof surface is made of high-quality anti-rust oil for anti-rust treatment, which can ensure that the equipment will not be affected by the explosion of the explosion-proof surface due to the corrosion of the explosion-proof surface. The flameproof junction box consists of a steel welded casing, a dedicated explosion-proof terminal and a high-quality rubber seal. All the explosion-proof parameters are higher than the federal standard. The inner surfaces of all the shells are also rust-proof and arc-proof. Ensuring stable electrical properties inside the housing. The design of the coil adopts the scheme of low current, low power, multi-purpose line and large-area heat dissipation. While ensuring the good effect of the magnetic field of the electromagnetic iron remover. It can effectively control the surface temperature of the electromagnetic iron remover and completely eliminate a series of problems caused by the surface temperature of the equipment.

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