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What are ways to cool the Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet adopts more cooling methods: forced circulation oil-cooling type. In addition to the iron excitation method, the coil is completely sealed, and the coil is immersed in the heat sink, and the design life is not less than 15-20 years. forced circulation heat dissipation, advanced heat dissipation theory and optimized heat dissipation structure are required to reduce the failure point of the entire structure. The method of discharging iron is: automatic iron discharge. The insulation level of the winding is: F grade, and the drive mode of the belt magnet is driven by a worm gear reducer. Every two sets of CD-ROM electromagnetic separators are operated by a disc-type electromagnet system. Two discs are equipped with two rails on the electromagnetic separator. They can be alternately operated in the two-way belt type A and Party B according to a given procedure (alternating cycles) It is adjustable), the disk electromagnetic separator of the other disk can remove iron after the iron absorption position; when the two belt machines are running, each iron removal device corresponds to the belt machine, except The iron time can be adjusted. The thermal value of the magnetic induction intensity of the center is mainly increased by no less than 120 mT in the long term, and the single-stage iron removal efficiency is over 95%. The bidder shall provide a graph of the relationship between temperature rise and magnetic induction.

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