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What aspects of suspension permanent magnets have improved performance

The use of suspension permanent magnet covers most of the industry. It can be seen in many domestic mineral processing companies. It is known that suspension permanent magnets are easy to use and easy to install. In fact, it has more advantages. First of all, the suspension permanent magnet can be installed and used at any time without power supply. It has low requirements on the working environment, no excitation coil, and energy saving. There are no insulation and pressure problems. It can be an explosion-proof dust collector with an anti-explosive motor driven scrap iron conveyor belt. In addition, when there is no power supply and there is no power failure, the iron piece sucked on the iron remover will not fall back to the conveying material, avoiding a lot of troubles in use and reducing the workflow.

Secondly, the suspension permanent magnet does not have a heating problem, the magnetic field strength does not exist in the cold state, the magnetic field is constant, no rectification control device is required, and the reliability is high.

Although the suspension permanent magnet has a long development time and a wide application range, there are also many defects, such as the manual unloading of the equipment, which is difficult to remove after the iron is sucked. Therefore, Henderson Magnetron has made technical improvements to the suspended permanent magnets, and innovatively improved the equipment from the process flow and component design, making it more suitable for the working environment.
For the problem that the suspension permanent magnet is not easy to remove after the iron is absorbed, the technician adds a wear-resistant lining to the bottom of the suspension permanent magnet, and firstly, the suspension is weakened without reducing the magnetic induction of the working surface of the iron remover. The surface field strength of the permanent magnet magnet makes the iron piece easy to be thrown when it is sucked out by the iron remover, and the second is to avoid the violent impact on the unloading iron belt and damage the belt when the large iron piece is sucked out, thereby buffering effect.

In addition, the improvement of the magnetic system makes the magnetic field of the suspension permanent magnet much stronger, the demagnetization rate is reduced, and the magnetic induction intensity is increased by more than 30%. The magnetic induction intensity of the rated lifting height after assembly is up to 1200-1500 Gauss. The problem of large belt conveyance, thick material and low iron removal rate is solved.

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