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What aspects of the suspension magnetic separator have been improved to meet the market demand

Advances in industrial production technology have led to new changes in the performance requirements of iron removal equipment in all walks of life. This has also promoted the development of iron removal equipment. In order to better adapt to changes in market demand, suspension magnetic separator are also Continuously improve the technology, let’s take a look at the specific aspects of the improvement.

1. The previous suspension magnetic separator is not easy to remove after attracting iron, which brings great inconvenience to users. In order to solve this problem, the suspension magnetic separator adds a layer of strong wear-resistant lining at the bottom The first is to reduce the surface field strength of the magnet without reducing the magnetic induction of the working surface of the device. After the iron is sucked out by the magnet, it can be thrown out easily as the iron unloading belt rotates. When the iron piece is sucked out, it will cause a violent impact on the iron unloading belt and cause the belt to be damaged, which acts as a buffer.
2. The drum of the suspension magnetic separator is designed into a waist drum shape, which realizes the automatic deviation correction of the belt; the bearing seat adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the ability to adapt to the environment is improved, which can ensure the long-term trouble-free continuous operation of the equipment.
3. The new suspension magnetic separator is equipped with high-performance flameproof motor and explosion-proof control cabinet, flame-retardant ring belt, and the main components are all products with the MA logo, which can meet the requirements of explosion-proof operations in coal mines.
4. The suspension magnetic separator adopts an alloy magnetic block with stronger coercive force, which reduces the demagnetization rate, and the magnetic induction intensity is increased by more than 30% compared with before. , Solve the current problems of large belt conveyance, thick materials, low iron removal rate.
5. In order to avoid demagnetization of the magnetic block during long-term use, the neodymium iron boron used in the suspension magnetic separator is galvanized and oxidized. At the same time, after assembly, the magnet is integrally sealed with epoxy resin to avoid the magnetic block and air Contact oxidation greatly reduces the demagnetization rate of the suspended magnetic separator. Within ten years, the demagnetization rate will not drop by more than 5%.

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