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What is the basis for the suspension magnetic separator to achieve the iron removal function

The suspension magnetic separator produced by Henderson Magnetron is a kind of iron remover capable of generating strong magnetic field trapping force. It can remove ferromagnetic doping in raw materials to ensure the safety and stability of crushing equipment and grinding equipment in the feeding system. It can effectively prevent accidents caused by large and long iron pieces to crack the conveyor belt, and can also improve the grade of raw materials. When the bulk material conveyed by the belt conveyor uses the iron remover (ie, the rotating DC magnet) mounted on the tail bracket, the ferromagnetic removal in the raw material is sucked, and the ferromagnetic material is removed by the scrap iron tape to the electric drum. Under, the effect of automatic iron removal is achieved.

What is the main basis for the realization of suspension magnetic separator iron?
I. Implementation of Suction Magnetic Separator
Ferromagnetic materials such as iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite are not the same as other substances, and their external electron spins can be actively separated in a small range to generate an active magnetization zone. It is called a magnetic domain. After the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, the external magnetic domains are arranged neatly and orderly, and the magnetic properties are strengthened to form a strong magnet. The iron absorption process of the strong magnet of the suspension magnetic separator is the process of magnetizing the iron block. The magnetized iron block generates a trapping force between the different polarities of the strong magnet, and the iron block is closely followed by the suspension magnetic separator. The strong magnets are ‘sticky’ together, and the strong magnets of the suspended magnetic separator are magnetic.
Second, how to remove iron from the suspension magnetic separator
The suspension magnetic separator is an automatic iron removal type iron removing device. During operation, the ferromagnetic material continuously adsorbed on the iron remover is automatically thrown by the rotation of the unloading iron belt. In this way, the purpose of automatic unloading is achieved. This model has a wide range of use, energy saving, easy maintenance, low failure rate, stable and reliable operation in extremely harsh environments, and is adopted by many manufacturers.

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