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What is the choice of suspension permanent magnets

By using a suspension permanent magnet to effectively remove metal impurities in the material, how does the iron remover achieve metal impurity purification? Here we will first analyze the basic operating principle of the suspension permanent magnet for everyone. Let us first learn about it.

1. Suspension permanent magnet can automatically unload iron, has constant magnetic field, does not change in hot and cold state, and has fewer failure points. It is relatively common in applications with a bandwidth of 1200mm or less. Since the development of magnetic shielding technology has not passed, it has caused some troubles in manufacturing, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance. At the same time, the suspension permanent magnet is not easy to disassemble and may cause damage to the magnetic block, and therefore, there are certain restrictions in large-scale applications.
2. The structure of the suspension permanent magnet is relatively simple, the price is cheap, the floor space is small, and the manufacturing, installation and maintenance are relatively convenient. According to the configuration, it can be roughly divided into two types, namely, fixed suspension and bottom fixation. The suspension permanent magnet is suitable for mounting on a tape conveyor belt, while the bottom fixed plate remover is suitable for installation under the lower hopper or chute.

Different companies should purchase in strict accordance with the production needs of the company in the process of purchasing suspension permanent magnets. As for the selection basis of the hanging type iron remover, the following can be roughly referred to.
1. When selecting the suspension permanent magnet, the user must first consider whether it is the conveyor belt conveying, bandwidth, belt speed, inclination, material properties, humidity, particle size, thickness, iron content in the material, ferromagnetic material. Particle size, nature, iron removal requirements, use environment, characteristics of the iron remover itself, installation location and space size.
2. When there is more iron in the material, RCDC, RCDD, RCDF series self-unloading electromagnetic iron remover for continuous automatic iron removal; RCYC series self-unloading permanent magnet separator; RCT series permanent magnet roller; CFLT series Electromagnetic roller.
3. When there is not much iron in the material, RCDA, RCDB, RCDE series artificial unloading iron electromagnetic suspension type iron remover should be used; RCY series permanent magnet iron remover.
4. When the ferromagnetic material in the material is particularly small, the suspension type permanent magnet is used together with the strong magnetic self-discharging electromagnetic and permanent magnet iron remover to automatically monitor the automatic iron removal, which has the advantages of energy saving, long life and iron removal effect. Good and so on.


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