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What is the effect of the improved suspension permanent magnet

In the operation requirements of the coal preparation plant, as long as the suspension permanent magnet installed can remove 0.1 ~ 0.25kg of ferromagnetic impurities in the coal, and the net removal rate reaches 95%, it can effectively protect the crusher and other mechanical equipment. Avoid accidents such as longitudinal tearing of the iron conveyor belt tape. However, in actual production, the absorption rate of iron ingots with a mass of less than 0.1kg and fine iron of 0.35 to 0.6g can not reach 20%, which directly affects the external quality indicators of commercial coal.

In order to suck out these thinner irons, it is necessary to improve the iron removal ability of the suspension permanent magnets, and to make the iron removal method develop toward refinement. Traditional suspension permanent magnets need to consider not only wear resistance, but also the efficiency of iron absorption, but their own structure makes the design more difficult, so it is difficult to achieve the two desired goals.

To this end, the structure of the original suspension permanent magnet was improved. A split suspension permanent magnet with high stability and replaceable bottom plate was developed. The split suspension permanent magnet is mainly composed of a housing, a suspension permanent magnet iron removing mechanism, an iron discharge port, a fixing device, a replaceable bottom plate, a reducer, a transmission device, and a sorting housing.

The effect of the improved suspension permanent magnet:

1. Interchangeable bottom plate design. The replaceable bottom plate is embedded in the two side plates of the casing, a fixing plate is welded on one side, and a rectangular hole is opened on the other side, and a fixing device is connected up and down. The replaceable bottom plate is bonded with a thick ceramic sheet or abrasion-resistant material through a temperature-resistant special glue, which prolongs the life of the equipment. When the bottom plate is worn, it can be replaced directly, quickly and conveniently, and the replacement time is short, without affecting the production schedule.
2. The magnetic poles of the drum-type rotating permanent magnetic iron removing mechanism inside the sorting housing are supported on the circumference, and a plurality of permanent magnetic pole groups of N and S alternately and axially arranged are installed. The mechanism is fixed on the side plates on both sides of the sorting casing, instead of the chains used in the market today, it drives the sorting and iron removing mechanism of the magnetic strip, and there is no loosening or breaking of the chain.

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