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What is the power consumption of the Belt Magnetic separator

In actual production operations, there are many factors affecting the power consumption of the Belt Magnetic separator. In addition to the movement of materials in the machine, it is also related to installation, adjustment, transmission efficiency, etc., specifically the following:

1. Due to the height error and horizontal error of the installation of the supporting wheel, the force distribution of each fulcrum is uneven, which causes the radial deformation of the cylinder to increase, and at the same time, the roller bearing wears unevenly, which not only increases the power consumption, but also affects Operating rate

2. The bending is caused by the irregularity of the section interface, the thermal deformation of the cylinder due to uneven heating, and the uneven subsidence of the foundation, thereby generating additional torque and increasing the power consumption;

3. The center line of the shaft of the supporting wheel is seriously skewed to the axis, causing the sliding of the belt with the surface of the supporting wheel, so that the axial thrust is increased, resulting in an increase in the friction torque between the thrust ring and the thrust bearing bush on the supporting axle;

4. Due to improper adjustment of the supporting wheel during operation, the thrust of the kiln body pressing on the retaining wheel is too large, so that the friction torque in the retaining wheel is increased;

5. The maintenance of the transmission is poor, which reduces the transmission efficiency.


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