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What kind of belts to adjust the Overband Magnet will not go wrong

Overband Magnet is a type of machine that adds the belt dumping device to the ordinary iron remover. In the process of the Overband Magnet, the best deviation is very easy to occur, so how to adjust it can we avoid this problem?

The reason why the belt has a deviation is that the joint force of the external force received by the tape in the direction of the width of the belt is non-zero, or the tensile stress perpendicular to the width direction of the belt is uneven, so that the reaction force between the idler and the drum is formed toward the belt. A component of the side, the belt is deflected to one side by this force.

This can be tailored by adjusting the support of the roller first. If all the roller bearings have been adjusted in position and the best is still deflected, the bearing housing of the driven roller needs to be adjusted. That is to say. The belt prompt direction diagram is used as a basis for observation. If the belt is deflected toward one side, adjust the roller support according to the adjustment direction of the belt diagram. If the belt still has a deviation, adjust the driven roller bearing housing with reference to the direction shown. When the belt is adjusted at the stop, it is not permitted to step on the belt, otherwise the adjustment effect on the belt is affected. If the belt is severely offset to one side, the two phases of the three-phase incoming line of the motor can be exchanged arbitrarily, the belt will move to the other side in the opposite direction, and will stop after moving to the middle position of the iron remover. Then, change any two phases of the motor again, let the best move in the normal direction, and then debug according to the method of correcting the deviation of the belt. After the belt is no longer running, it is necessary to let the belt run stably for two hours in the middle of the iron removed. During the operation period, observe the operation of the belt. If it is found that there is deviation, it should be adapted in time.

However, it should be noted that if the sides of the belt are uniform, there will be a light side and a loose side. Which side of the drum is tight and the friction will be large, and it will move to the problematic side, which will make the belt The belt remover occurs in the iron remover.


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