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What series of suspended permanent magnet separators are available

There are many types of permanent magnet iron remover, and the suspended permanent magnet iron remover is a type that is prevalent among you. Here is a detailed introduction of the series of suspended permanent magnet separators:

1. RCYB suspended permanent magnet separator. The internal magnetic system is composed of high-strength coercive and high remanence permanent magnet “NdFeB”. It is suitable for the iron removal of non-magnetic materials on belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, electromagnetic vibrating feeders and cutting chutes. Service life of internal permanent magnet magnetic system is not less than 10 years. Technical indicators of this product are in line with the JB/T8711-2006 standard. When the permanent magnet adsorbs more ferromagnetic materials, it can be manually removed with a non-magnetic scraper or worn with gloves, which are suitable for continuous work and less iron.

2. RCYP series hanging manual permanent magnet iron remover. This model is a manual iron-removing iron remover composed of high-performance permanent magnet core, unloading chain and chain guard, which can be used with various conveyors. It uses to automatically remove ferromagnetic impurities from non-magnetic materials. Its internal magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation and has a seamless double magnetic pole structure. When the ferromagnetic debris adsorbed at the bottom of the magnet reaches a certain level, the handle is manually shaken to drive the scraper to remove the scrap iron. This series of products is more expensive, economical and practical than the belt type self-unloading iron remover.

3, RCYD, RCYC series suspension self-unloading permanent magnet separator, this is an automatic iron removal type iron removal device, which is built on the strong magnetic permanent magnet separator to add reducer, unloading belt, roller, main body Devices such as frames. During operation, the ferromagnetic substance that is constantly adsorbed on the iron remover is automatically thrown by the rotation of the unloading belt to achieve the purpose of automatic unloading. This model has a wide range of applications, energy saving, low failure rate, easy maintenance, reliable and stable operation in extremely harsh environments, and is used by various manufacturers.


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