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What steps should be taken to disassemble the belt when repairing the Overband Magnet

The Overband Magnet is a high-performance iron remover device designed and manufactured in combination with the advantages of similar equipment and combined with the industrial production level in China. The Overband Magnet can be used together with belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors and other conveying equipments, which can effectively remove the ferromagnetic substances mixed in the bulk materials, can be used for the improvement and purification of raw material grades, and can also be used for Recover ferromagnetic substances. It has a stable protection against damage and wear of mechanical equipment such as grinders and crushers. Belt type iron remover is mainly used in cement, electric power, brick, mining, metallurgy, ceramics, chemical, garbage treatment, glass, paper, sugar, food and other industries. This product meets JB/T7689-2012 industry standard.

For the removal of the Overband Magnet belt, follow the steps below:
1. Loosen the bolts of the sprocket guard and remove the shield and the sprocket;
2. The bearing adjustment device of the driven pulley is loosened, the main and driven pulley bearing housing mounting bolts are loosened, the pulley is removed from the gantry, and the idler rollers above the gantry are also taken out together;
3. Loosen the mounting bolts of the Overband Magnet body, hang the gantry, and take out the old unloading belt at the same time;
4, then you can start to set a new belt (non-magnetic scraper should be installed first, tighten the bolt and weld stop), pay attention to the direction of the scraper in line with the direction of the unloading belt running.
5. Spread the unloading iron belt on the ground, wind up the side of the unloading iron belt, and hoist the Overband Magnet body into the iron-removing belt. At the same time, the iron-removing body should be placed diagonally to prevent it from crushing the belt. Then insert the main and driven pulleys into the belt.
6. Hang the gantry above the Overband Magnet body and fasten the body and the gantry.
7. Fix the main and driven pulleys and rollers to the gantry after positioning them in the position. Pay attention to the parallelism of the main and driven belts and the same size as the inner clearance of the gantry; pay attention to the position of the rollers and protect the rollers. It is basically perpendicular to the direction of belt movement.
8. Install the chain, adjust the tightness of the chain, and cover the cover.
9. Adjust the bearing adjustment device to ensure the tightness of the belt.
10. Check the installation bolts of the Overband Magnet and confirm that the tightening is correct before starting the reducer. If the unloading belt has a deviation, it needs to be adjusted as required until the adjustment is appropriate.

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