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What to do with the aging problem of the suspension magnetic separator

Suspension magnetic separator is a commonly used type of iron separator, and it is also a widely used model. If the suspension magnetic separator is used for a long time, some problems such as aging of parts and components will inevitably occur. In order to solve this problem, you need to master some methods of handling. Henderson Magnetism will take everyone to understand.

1. Before carrying out maintenance on the suspension magnetic separator, power off and stop the operation of the pulley. If the equipment is still working, it will bring certain danger to the maintenance personnel, so power off and shutdown is a very important step.
2. The impurities on the suspended magnetic separator must be cleaned up, so that you can find out what is wrong, and it is more convenient for maintenance. Therefore, a thorough inspection is a very important step.
3. If the height of the suspended magnetic separator from the ground is relatively high. It is usually recommended to remove the iron remover and place it on the ground for disposal. If it is necessary to work at high altitudes, be sure to fasten the safety belts, safety ropes, and wear safety caps.
4. Before repairing the suspension magnetic separator, you must understand the working principle and basic structure in detail, so that you can figure out where the problem is and how to repair it. This requires a look at the factory drawings and manuals on insurance.
5. Prepare all maintenance tools strictly in accordance with the method taught in the instruction manual, and talk about step by step. 7. Troubleshooting. Once the suspension magnetic separator fails, there may be two or three reasons for adapting to various aspects. . Therefore, you need to cook them one by one when troubleshooting.
6. If you encounter major problems, you must contact the manufacturer of the suspension magnetic separator. Have them get the basic staff to do the repairs or call you and tell you how to do it.

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